Kelley S Brasher
Todd who???

Well...I'm a bass player who plays in and around
Birmingham, AL, USA. I've been fortunate enough to
play with the very finest musicians this area has
to offer (who also happen to be some of the finest
musicians you'll find anywhere).

You may see me on any type of gig ranging from
jazz, to bluegrass, to funk, to gospel and
anything in between. My main gig, however, is each
and every Sunday and Sunday night with the band at
the Chelsea Church of God in Chelsea, AL. We play
at 10:45 am and 6:00 pm every week. Other than
that, who really knows...?

Questions? Comments? Rants? Please direct them to
When I was a kid , I brought in a cassette tape
(remember those?) of my favorite rock guitar
player for my dad to hear. I was very impressed by
all the two-handed tapping, whammy bar
divebombing, and other techniques the guitarist
was doing. My dad said, "Yeah, but can he play? I
mean, can he just sit down and play?" In other
words, could the guy just take a guitar, sit down,
and play a tune without the need for a lot of
electronic gadgetry and earsplitting volume.

That concept has stuck with me over the years, and
now, when I play bass, I try to be able to just
"sit down and play."